The end of any relationship is difficult to accept. Two people who shared so much together now have to part ways and figure out how to carry on without the other.

The good news is that you weren’t born with this person on your hip, which means you can go back to living without them.

Sometimes, though, you don’t want to. Sometimes, the relationship is rocky and needs work, but is worth saving.

Here’s how to win him back and move forward together.

1. Start by giving your ex boyfriend space. Completely cut off all contact for the moment. This will be an extremely hard thing for you to do. But you must follow through! Take a step back and try to evaluate your own life. Try to come up with ways to improve all aspects of your personal life. This can get you back on the right track, which will help you become more emotionally sound and greatly improve your chances of success.

2. During the non communication time between you and your ex boyfriend, you may find he has had a change in the way he is feeling. Once you are not pursuing him so heavily, he will begin to wonder what you are doing and how you are feeling. This will make him quite insecure in your feelings for him, and just might be the turn around you have been longing for.

3. Once you feel it is time to open the lines of communication again, let him make the first move. You should seem somewhat resistant at first. Playing a little hard to get will only fuel his desire to have you look and feel the loving way you used to towards him. You know what they say, “it’s the thrill of the chase.”

4. Don’t beg. During the time you are taking for yourself, be sure you don’t seek him out and beg for him to come back. Sounds silly, but people do it.

Don’t be so needy that you can’t do anything without him. That might have been part of the reason he left in the first place.

Giving yourself (and him) some space means that you don’t throw yourself at him. It’s just bad for everyone and you’ll regret it later if he only comes back because you wouldn’t stop asking him to.

That’s not how you get him to realize he needs to come back, which is what you want. You don’t have to ask for anything. He’ll come around to the idea on his own.


  1. Bad idea, for me I won’t come back at all if she apply all these. Reason is — I will feel she don’t care at all, because she may have someone she thought better than me. And because I don’t want to live all my life trying to please or beg a gone girl, I will love to move on too. I can only do any thing for a woman that love and care for me.


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