Meet the Man Who Wants to Revolutionize the Face of Men’s Fashion in Nigeria

Let’s Meet You

My name is Olumegbon Ibrahim Oyewole , founder and creative director Foremost Oyewole.I am an indigene of Lagos state , Isale-eko precisely, from the Olumegbon chieftancy family of lagos island. I attended Fountain and Treasureland primary school respectively and also Nigerian Navy secondary school Ibara Abeokuta for my junior secondary and King’s College Lagos for my senior secondary where I obtained my WASSCE certificate. I am a graduate of philosophy from the University of Lagos.

When Did You First Realize You Wanted To Pursue a Career as a Designer?

I have always been fascinated by fashion and style right from my childhood. It all started from always wanting to look good,neat and presentable.To allow my looks, sense of style and fashion do the talking ..Looking unique,different and foremost is priceless ,it gives you the unique feeling from inside.Moreso when i get nice comments about my looks and style it goes a long way for me and most importantly a sort of encouragement one way or the other to forge ahead and do more better.

When Did You Land Your First Internship and What was the Most Valuable Thing You Learned From This Experience?

My first internship was few years back before I got admitted into the university ,I interned under a lady tailor and fashion designer , where I learned the basics and fundamentals of tailoring, machining, drawing patterns e.t.c
Also the most valuable thing I learned from my experience was consistency ,as it plays a vital and key role. Moreso it makes you better at what you do and will continuosly be a part of you.

What Was Your First Job Out of University and How Did You Land That Position?

My first job out of University was being an admin personnel in a law firm, I wanted to be a lawyer, my passion for wanting to be a lawyer landed me there  but after taking jamb severally, I decided to settle for philosophy.

What Did You Wear to Your First Interview?

What I wore to my first interview was what I love and enjoy wearing the most, which is a bespoke native and traditional cap (fila) , which was referred to then back in the days as buba and sokoto with Fila. You should understand that your dress sense speaks for  you and represents you. So that was why I wore that to my interview to represent my brand and myself.

How Is Working In Fashion Different Today Than When You Started Out?

Fashion is different from today because it has taken another dimension entirely .I mean there is always a new trend,a new style,a new approach to fashion and style day by day , and it never stops and it will never stop not forgetting the fact that it is being influenced by one person or the other.Which is why I say ‘FASHION IS NEVER ENDING, STYLE IS NEVER FINAL’.

What Role Do You Think Social Media Plays In Fashion Today?

Well social media has been a blessing to this generation I must confess, because back in the day fashion designers have to source for customers and build their client base through recommendation e.t.c. But these days one can instantly post and upload their inventory on various social media platforms,where customers can reach and relate with the source directly .

What Is Your Favourite Part About Being a Designer

Its not about being a fashion designer to me but it is also more about being a creative with that I see a lot of possibilities. My favourite part about being a creative is the ability to make people look good and feel good about themselves.

Thank you for making out time or this interview Mr Oyewole Olumegbon


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