A Man, His Dick, and His Piano

The time was 7:45 pm on Saturday 10th of August 2019, he sent a WhatsApp message asking me over to his place.
Babygirl was really tired but then l wanted to get out of the house as I was unable to go out the previous day.
P.S. I was really looking forward to going out on Friday but my date decided to cancel with no communication or explanation.

Don called, offered to send me a cab as a gentleman,l must admit it felt good lool. I don’t really enjoy spending my money on cabs …hahaha!!! In no time the driver was at my estate gate, wore my jumpsuit as fast as l could and off l went to Don’s house at T.S Estate (20 minutes away).


We’ve matched a couple of times on tinder but never got past the tinder phase. A couple of days ago l pointed it out to him then we kicked it off from Tinder – Whatsapp – a Phone call.


On getting to the estate gate, you wouldn’t believe this, my cab was involved in an accident. A motorcycle sped into the car, it was an awful sight but thankfully no one was badly hurt. The cab couldn’t drive me into Don’s Estate, l was kinda stuck at the gate. He called and after a couple of minutes, we drove to his house.

I must admit he looked better in pictures than in person but his voice and musical skills made up for his imperfections.

We entered into his living room, it was spacious and neat, it had the vibe of a bachelor. The first item that struck my attention was the piano and his guitars, I asked him if he could sing and play the piano, he answered yes.

I sat on the couch while he walked nervously to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of orange juice mixed with whatever. He then asked me to come to his bedroom to sit.

Why do guys do that?

I asked him if he could sing to me, he was reluctant as I have always wanted to be sung to while sitting beside a guy playing the piano.

The John Legend kind of cruise if you know what I mean? oh yeah!

He agreed to sing. Baba couldn’t say no to my cute face. He sang Beyonce’s Halo and Asa’s Bibanke. I couldn’t stop smiling it was like in the movies. After singing to me we proceeded to his bedroom…

I know what you guys are thinking we didn’t have sex durrh! but l was horny as fuck it took a lot of discipline to control my urge.

We talked about his new app which I think is an incredible invention. Then we cuddled for a while and home l went.

This was my little tinder adventure with Don yesterday. I ‘ve been on a couple of Tinder dates, Don’s own is the most recent. I have decided to write this in descending order,

Stay tuned for my Tinder Chronicles P.S this is not a fiction

It is 100 percent real



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