A model is someone who promotes, display or advertise commercial products. They do pose for photographs and are portray boldness and glamour. There are both male and female models. While modelling is dominated by females, the modelling world has become better over the years. Modelling is now seen as a real job these days unlike previous years that it was considered as a side hustle. Many young people now model full time or part-time and make good money from modelling. Modelling helps models network, it brings them fame and it is usually interesting to models. Models are selected for jobs and are paid by modelling agencies. Models work include ushering job, beauty shoot, video vixens etc.

There are several modelling agencies in Nigeria. Some of them are Wave modelling agency, Beth modelling agency, and Exquisite Models. Modelling agencies are responsible for recruiting models in Nigeria. These models join their agencies and work for them or their clients. Models also do partake in several assessments and interviews and sometimes mini-contests to be selected. Modelling agencies always look out for specific body features when recruiting models into their agency.

How Much Do Models Earn In Nigeria Currently (2020)

Do you know that many models model because of the pay? Yes, modelling pays and they pay well even in a developing country such as Nigeria. Many companies and organisations use models to advertise their products. This help increase their sales as it helps project the good image of the organization as well as their products.

Models are paid differently for their services due to several factors. These factors include client the model is modelling for, job type, model agency the model works for etc. A model who models for a multinational company is likely to be paid better than a model who models for a Nigerian company. Below are the different types of modelling and ⭐how much models earn in Nigeria⭐ earn as salary for such modelling.

Commercial Models Earns ₦100,000 — ₦5 million

Commercial models are the highest paid models in Nigeria. They help in product advertisement. Commercial models are paid handsomely because they do represent the brand and are usually the face of a particular product they are modelling for. They do get ambassadorial duties as well as the privilege that comes with it which helps increase the money they make from doing commercial modelling. They can also appear brand event and can be the face of a particular product. Based on the type of contract the model and his or modelling agency sign, they can be paid as high as ₦5 million and as low as ₦100,000 for each time they do commercial modeling.

Fashion Models Earn ₦30,000 — ₦200,000

This type of modelling is less stressful when compared to other types of modelling such as Commercial modelling. Fashion models do appear in magazines, social media, newspaper, etc. It is easier for a new model to get this modelling role than a commercial modelling role. A fashion model earns between ₦30,000 to ₦200,000 per each brand they model for. The amount a fashion model makes from fashion modelling depends on several factors such as the platform they are appearing on.

Runway Models Earn ₦25,000 — ₦100,000

This is the most popular type of modelling in Nigeria. Runway models are used to showcase brand products such as outfits. They usually appear in the outfit and catwalk in front of an audience at a near distance. Most models selected for a particular runaway modelling are usually of the same size with preference for models that are slim or plus size with great body features. It takes a lot of practice and boldness for a model to learn how to catwalk the runway properly. Runway models are paid between ₦25,000 and ₦100,000 each time they model in this type of modelling.

Fitness Models Earn ₦15,000 — ₦80,000

This type of modelling is for fit individuals. This is because they are modelling to help companies sell fitness products to individuals who want to become fit. A fit body is ideal for this type of modelling. Fitness models invest heavily in their body to look fit at all times and do visit the gym regularly to maintain their body. This type of modelling is not popular and there are very few fitness models in Nigeria. Fitness models are used to model sport related adverts and fitness equipment and they do earn between ₦15,000 and ₦80,000 per shoot as modelling payment with access to the company fitness products or gym.

Glamour Models Earn ₦10,000 — ₦50,000

Glamour modelling is similar to fashion modelling. Glamour models are usually very beautiful or handsome as the case may be and are also made to look extremely beautiful when modelling. Professional pictures of glamour models are taken and posted on several platforms such as magazines and websites. A lot of models in their prime are desired by modelling agencies for this type of modelling. Glamour models are paid between ₦10,000 and ₦50,000 per shoot.

Models are paid per job done. The more jobs a model does in a month, the more money the model makes. A model can get up to 20 shoots in a month and will be paid by the modelling agency for all the clients she worked modelled for. Models under modelling agencies tend to get more jobs than those without one.


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