Bet9ja is one of the betting sites in Nigeria. It is rated as one of the best sites when it comes to online wagering. There have been lots of comments and testimonies, proving the accountability and credibility of the site. When it comes to betting, it is no doubt that there would be some uncertainties, but you can still beat the odds if you follow this procedure.

Avoid Playing Numerous Game

It is advisable you limit the number of games you intend to play to 10 in order to boost your chances of winning. You must know that a single game has the power to mar the – predicted tickets.

Statistics Is An Important Part Of the Game, So Don’t Joke With It

Statistics will give you insight and important information on the teams you are betting on, this is why you need to do some research you place your prediction. Though there are chances for new occurrences, sometimes history repeats itself.

Assuming you are betting on a football club, it is pertinent to know the team’s last three results; goals scored; goals conceded; set pieces conceded and other stats that could be helpful.

Always Bet on Number of Goals If You Are Engaged In Soccer Betting

Many Bet9ja Soccer customers have failed to realize that it pays to bet on the number of goals than to bet on the final result. It is advisable to bet on goals as it will give you more chances of winning . You can decide to bet on different categories such as — both teams to score, both teams to score two goals, one goals, First team to score or concede etc.

Greediness Is Not Part Of The Game

Betting is one thing that shouldn’t be done out of greediness, this is because you can’t predict the outcome of the bet you placed on every tickets. It is understandable that the higher odd you play, the higher the price you win but you must be very careful while placing a bet on games.

You must also note that your chances of winning are inversely proportional to the amount you bet with. This simply means that when you target high odds, you increasingly have a slimmer chance of winning, compared to when you target a low odd.

Play a Running Ticket

A running ticket is the type of ticket that runs through many days and sometimes, weeks. This type of ticket gives you a great opportunity to win on a regular basis irrespective of the odds you play because it provides you the room to play sure games when doing Bet9ja prediction.


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