It’s better to intentionally end the life of a person than to forcefully have sexual intercourse with them, according to a Nollywood actress.

Hilda Dokubo said when a person is raped, it’s just the same as leaving them dead.

She led other Nigerians in their numbers on Friday marching around a police station, chanting slogans and holding banners that read “So long as girls and women are not free, no one is free,” “Justice for all Nigerian girls and women” and “No means no”.

#enoughisenough. Justice is not justice. Stop throwing the cases and the victims into the freezers until they become ice. We can’t keep burying our children because those who are supposed to be protecting us are busy questioning and blaming the victims. When those who stood up and demanded justice is counted. Will you be numbered? What will your number be known for? @actionaidnigeria #justiceforallrapevictims #justicenow

A post shared by Hilda Dokubo (@hildadokubo) on Jun 5, 2020 at 5:57am

Their protests entered the streets even as hashtags on social media #WeAreTired trended amid a spate of sexual violence against women.

“I have been through all kinds of emotional shifts this week. Injustice everywhere I turn,” Dokubo, who once served as a special adviser on youth affairs to former Rivers State Governor Peter Odili, wrote on Instagram.

“How do you bury a child you have been weaving all your life around just because some #rapeidiots refused to understand a very simple sentence with just two alphabets – NO … jeez No is No.

“A Rapist is worse than a murderer… he leaves his victim as a living dead,” the veteran actress wrote. She added the following hashtags: “#justiceforallrapevictims, #justiceforuwa, #justiceforjennifer, #justicenow.”


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