The fired OAPs had staged a protest against being owed salaries, a thing that angered their employees. To make an example of them, three of them were singled out and fired.

Social Media users reacted to the news by pouring out their anger against the treatment they perceive OAPs face in the industry.

However, some OAPs who are having it good have taken to Twitter to lay their minds bare on the issue.

OAP Gbemi O wrote:

“I’ve never been owed salary. Can’t imagine what that is like”.

Daddy Freeze wrote:

“There can’t be any sound when the citizens of the city are not paid their dues. A worker is worthy of his wage.
(1st Timothy 5:18)

“Next year would mark my twentieth year with CoolFM.
The privileges I have enjoyed are second to none. ~FRZ

OAP DO2DTUN who just acquired a new house wrote:

“Take a lil time, pls listen to @CoolFMNigeria .Check out our new outlook, our digital space, the content, u will know sometin really changed. Any1 that invest in his business & staff gets the best results. Some others do not see beyond their nose. They are greed & wicked as hell”.


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