A trending video advert of COZA featuring Davido has caught his attention and uproar amongst Nigerians. Davido has released a disclaimer saying he has nothing to do with the church.

He has called for the immediate retraction of the video or else, he threatened to proceed further.

Read the disclaimer shared below.

I’m writing to quickly disclaim viral videos going round of me advertising for Coza event to come up I want to say I have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the church!!! The fact I did a quick video for a kid introduced as a fan just for her personal use and it was chopped up and used for such an advert extremely disappoints me. It’s fraudulent and extremely disrespectful!!! I have never and most certainly am not associated in any way with Coza church and have reached out to those responsible for this madness immediately!! I will most certainly be proceeding further if you do not retract that video immediately!!! A word is enough!!!!


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