3 Reasons Sex With A Small Penis Is Fantastic

small penis
small penis syndrome

In this era where we think we have all attained relative sexual enlightenment and everyone is civilized to an extent, there’s some surprisingly basic stuff that we still find awkward — such as sex with small penises.

1. Small Penises Can Be Great For Sexual Beginners

You all know what am talking about. The “virgins”!!! This is a good place to start your sexual adventure.

I was extremely sexually inexperienced when I met my boyfriend. I was a virgin, an, my point of size comparison was generally sculptured from the art museum. But from the second I saw his penis, I knew it was unusually small (it was about thumb-sized flaccid, and a few inches longer when erect).

But his small penis turned out to be a great match for my virginal vag, which was so tense that I could barely get a tampon in there. I was eager to have penetrative sex, yet totally terrified by all the stories of searing pain and bloodied bed sheets that I had heard from my friends and read on some websites. My boyfriend’s penis didn’t make me walk funny. I had my first experience of intercourse with no pain at all, and it had a great impact on me. It made me unafraid of sex and eager to explore. I was able to enjoy my sexuality fully, never worrying that the wrong position or angle was going to put me and my vagina in a weird position for days.

2. Do You Know That Guys With Small Penises Are Often Better In Bed?

It’s not true that satisfaction in heterosexual intercourse is mostly about penis size. Only about 20 percent of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. These guys are better in bed because they have so much to compensate for.

3. She’s Not That Deep

The average woman’s vagina is just 3-5″ while the average penis length is 5.1″. That said, being on the smaller side won’t prevent you from giving your lady that “full” feeling she may crave. On the flip side, if your woman has a sensitive cervix, she’ll likely welcome a smaller guy with open arms.

Ladies do you agree?


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