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How to Master the Art of Kissing and Leave Her Speechless

Humans have been kissing each other for probably as long as they’ve had lips, and it’s no secret why: A good kiss is a blissful experience, like taking a bite of a delicious snack, high-fiving the coolest person you know and acing a difficult test all at the same time, while fireworks go off in the distance. 

It’s physical, it’s psychological, it’s emotional — hell, in some circumstances, it might even approach the spiritual. 

A couple kissing on the lips is almost a universal stand-in for the concept of romantic love, and even before we’ve ever locked lips with someone for the first time, most of us can detect what subtle variations in kissing mean: a quick peck is unemotional; a tongue-heavy French kiss is passionate; long is intimate, short is nervous and shy. 

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