This post contains the entry level salaries of Nigerian companies and agencies. If you are looking to know what Nigerian Breweries starting salary is? or even the salary of NNPC staff fresh graduate or any other sector in Nigeria, you will find them on this page.

A lot of graduates and job seekers are inquiring on how much is paid by Nigerian companies on a start level. If you’re probably one seeking to get an idea of how much is the entry-level salaries of some popular Nigerian companies, then this writeup is sincerely for you. We have covered in this article, the current salary for entry-level employees in most Nigerian companies, with the estimated exact figures.

Nigerian companies are very innumerable and with these numbers, they offer lots of opportunities to newly-minted graduates. These graduates when employed are put into the Entry-Level Salary scale, which is their starting salary in the company.

Comprehensive List of Entry-Level Salaries For Nigerian Companies (2020)

The entry level salaries of Nigerian companies and agencies are shown in the table below according to the various sectors.

Oil and Gas

This sector is the highest-payer in terms of the volume of salary they pay their employees. Here is a rundown of the entry-level salaries of the petroleum industry multinational companies;


The Banking sector is another companies category. Below is the entry-level salaries of these banking firms;


The manufacturing industries consists of companies in the production line. Here are the entry-level salaries for top companies in this sector;


This category consists of companies in the Electrical and Electronics sphere. Phone dealers and Electronics firms are the leading companies here. Below is the entry-level salary structure for these companies;

Auditing and Consulting

There are also companies in Nigeria which operates on auditing and consulting. Below are these companies and their salary for entry-level employees;


The Telecom industry houses all the network providers and the communication firms. Below is the broad list of companies in this category with their respective entry-level salary;


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